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Travel the majestic Yukon River on one of our Yukon River Trips or be in awe of the Yukon Winter on our dog sled tour.

While in Dawson City, enjoy our two-hour Dawson City River Tour. Starting in historic Dawson City you will travel down the Yukon River and learn about Moosehide Slide, Hospital Hill, Ships Graveyard, and the Han First Nation Village of Moosehide. Farther down river, you will see fishwheels in action and visit the Taylor family traditional fish camp.




Your Yukon River Trip provides a unique view of the spectacular Yukon scenery that can only be seen from the Yukon River. Imagine yourself in the days of the Yukon Gold Rush as you travel the same route of the steamships from Whitehorse to Dawson City. Let yourself relax and leave the hustle and bustle of modern life behind as you drift along the rivers current. Travel the Yukon River by day and camp along its shoreline at night.




Fishwheel Charter Services offers the ultimate custom-made Winter Excursions lasting a few hours or days. Glide along the Percy DeWolfe Mail Run trail while listening to the exited sound of the dogs as they bound along the trail, taking you further and further into the past. 

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