Fishwheel Charter Services

Winter Excursions 

We offer the ultimate dog sledding adventures where you can view the Northern Lights, soak up the pristine splendour of a Yukon winter, or cozy up in a log cabin.

Tommy Taylor, your Tr'ondek Hwech'in Han First Nation Yukon Tour Operator, has lived on this land all his life. He can guide you and your party on your excursion or if you prefer, you can be your own guide.

Picture yourself guiding a dog sled team over the
Percy DeWolfe Mail Run Trail from Dawson City to Eagle, Alaska.
Listen to the excited sounds of the dogs as they bound along the trail, taking you farther and farther into the past offering a beauty only a Yukon winter can wear.

Explore abandoned trapper's cabins. You might even catch sight of moose, caribou, and other wildlife. If you prefer, we can supply snowmobiles.

Imagine lunching on hot tea and soup (or whatever you have brought along) while you bask in the Yukon sunshine and marvel at the crystal-clear skies. A Yukon winter will redefine "white" forever in your mind.

Your custom-made winter excursion starts in historic Dawson City where we will transport you to by snowmobile to our cabin. You choose how long to stay, a few hours or however many days you wish. You supply the food; we supply the Yukon as few ever get to see it.

Lie back, and drink in the Northern Lights. Some say they snap, crackle, and hum. You be the judge.

A Yukon winter yields a beauty unparalleled anywhere else on earth. You will see why so many consider winter the most beautiful season of the year.


Please contact us to discuss, as the details of your excursion will affect your cost.


Please contact us to discuss when you would like your excursion. We will make every effort to accommodate your schedule.

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