Fishwheel Charter Services

 Yukon River Trip - FAQ

Q: What time of year is best?

A: June is the best month. July the river is busy with the Yukon 1000 and Yukon 360 canoe and kayak races. The weather turns cooler and rainy in August.

Q: We have looked on the map and do not see campsites - where will we camp?
A: All along the river, there are unofficial camps available for anyone who needs a campsite. There is an un-written rule to treat the camp with respect and leave it in good condition for the next traveler.
Q: Do you supply camping gear?
A: We supply some camping gear; please contact us to discuss what you will require. If you are flying, please be aware of airline restrictions.
Q: Do you provide transportation to and from the Dawson City Airport?
A: Yes, we do.
Q: Do you provide transportation to and from Whitehorse?
A: We can provide transportation from Dawson City to Whitehorse and will include the price of gas in your cost.
Q: How will we charge our camera or camcorder batteries?
A: Bring your recharger along; we have a portable power supply that produces enough electricity to recharge your batteries.
Q: Are dogs or other pets welcome?
A: Sorry, no, we would prefer you do not bring your pets.
Q: Are children welcome? 
A: Of course, children are welcome, only you can decide if this type of trip is suitable for them.

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